Intelligent Business Assurance

A proprietary application which helps to analyze a partner advice documents set by understanding each document with several deep learning algorithms to answer questions whether to approve or reject a piece of particular advice given by the partner. My responsibilities include understanding the domain specific keywords using snorkel and developing a rich user interface which shows user various stages each document set is going through and status. which also has rules to configure the business compliance and regulatory changes and a detailed report upon completion.

Technologies : Extjs,Javascript,Amazon S3,Python

Document Generator

A web application with rich functionalities and easy plugin API from any other internal data source applications which also highlights having rule-based logic to be applied for any type of document with just simple drag and drop to generate a pdf document. My responsibilities include designing an elegant and easy to use interface which includes building a rule based engine for table data and views to be rendered on the runtime with configured rules which complements the requirements of the client with product simplicity.

Technologies : Extjs,Javascript,EvoPdf,MongoDB,java


As technology is trending these days and many kids are used to smart phones and with the emerging augmented reality as the future this application is an augmented reality application that helps kids to learn alphabets using 3d models

Technologies : Vuforia,Unity,Android

Smart Contract for Insurance

Smart Contract application for hassle-free and fasten the claim process for baggage delay in airports which includes blockchain to trigger smart contract and IOT devices to automate the baggage tracking and Machine learning algorithms to provide personalized premium amounts for the travelers. My responsibilities include building the web interface with tailored premium rates for travellers and tracking the baggage with IoT devices

Technologies : HyperLedger, Materializecss, IoT devices for tracking, Pubnub,Javascript,Arduino

Integrated Data Store

This project includes analyzing and understanding various formats of feed files from several data sources, My responsibilities include using Apache Spark and to store them into a centralized mongo collection at the client level to apply analytics on top of the data at any particular level needed

Technologies : Apache Spark(Java and scala),MongoDB

BMI application

This application has the ability to calculate your body mass index based on your weight in kgs and height in cms which also has the elegant interface which shows the body shape for the BMI including the status of the BMI after the score whether its normal, underweight or overweight.

Sharing Portal

This is website that students of a particular organisation can use it to share items such as reference/Text Books, share your cab rides when ever you want to go for a ride and even share some electronics such as calculators and others. Each user has a account and every user can upload details of what he wants to share and he has the option to view others who have uploaded from the same organisation and then you can send them a message for the product.For cabs you can directly add yourself into as a traveller.

sharing portal
Maze solving robot
Maze Solving Robot

This is a maze solving robot that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the obstacle ahead and uses left-wall algorithm to make the path for solving the maze, the motors placed on the robots help the robot for the path tracking and rotation of the robot to take a 90 degree curve(only one motor on the front rotated while the other is kept constant) and choose the other path where there is no obstacle.

Project Member : M V Shashank

3 Click Tatkal

Why wait for booking the tatkal tickers where you can automate the system and Try to make the booking faster with all your personal details autocompleted and you just have to move on to the payment page and this saves a lot of time.